Is a mistery meal what we need every now and then?

Some people like surprises, some people don’t. Of course, many say that there is fear in uncertainty but a lot of times, a surprise can be somewhat refreshing. But does this apply to food? Seamless roulette is an app that lets you order a completely random meal from a nearby Seamless restaurant. How does it work? Seamless Roulette is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. One just has to put in their Seamless login information, the ammount of money they are willing to spend and wait for a completely random meal to be delivered to their doorstep.

To some, this may be a really refreshing experience but many believe that this is a double-edged sword. There are few people who like any kind of food. Most of us are picky. And if after a long and exhausting day you just want to experience a good old familiar and tasty meal, then Seamless roulette is probably a bad idea, as you may get served the worst dish of your life. Or the best. But that’s what roulette is about and Seamless roulette may be just what some people need. A factor of uncertainty in their lives.

Their daily routine of excitement, whether the meal will be pleasant or not. Hungry for lunch and don’t quite know what food to get? Try Seamless Roulette and have a random nearby restaurant deliver a completely random meal right to your doorstep! Seamless users are often plagued by what’s called food delivery indecision, as they can’t make up their minds what food to order on a certain day. Is it a Chinese night or a pizza night?

Maybe it should be Mexican food? No, wait I want Thai food today. Well, to these people, Mike Lacher, Chris Baker and Bryan Denman said: Let luck and uncertainty decide for you! The Seamless roulette app will order you random food from a Seamless restaurant in your area, using your Seamless login information and credentials. Many have tried Seamless and the results and experiences varied a lot. Some people liked it, some people didn’t. Most likely because those who didn’t, got a meal they weren’t prepared for or didn’t like altogether.

It can be difficult for someone to enjoy the services of Seamless when they get food they can’t even look at. Of course, the app sends you an e-mail of what you’re getting so you could potentially find out what you just unknowingly paid for when the email hits your inbox, but then where is the surprise and the inevitable frowning? Or amazement? To anyone who likes when things are out of their hands and enjoy uncertainty, Seamless roulette may be the perfect opportunity to experience new meals every day! To those, who just want the same old-same old, Seamless is probably a thing to pass on. Anyhow, Seamless is probably at once one of the greatest and most ruinous gifts ever bestowed upon man. Care for something a little random every day? Install the app, Put in your Seamless ID, put in the max $ you are willing to spend and wait for the obnoxious meal to arrive which may either be the best or the worst you’ve experienced. Or just plain average!